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watermelon carving


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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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Ron FInley from South Central via TED talks

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The Plaid Poppy: one of our favorite customers

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auroras – It’s ok to be smart – PBS SDvZR-XNgxdtgfbr5aP8GQQO5O6MiDxnPl-Sik8XtJ1QB3CSg5cThSsS-SAD6XKR1XZIQGcXgEJKZyp5w5uePYWTp2NOHCdB9IMEuMDXnW GDMXtQ854QQ8QL5BKdGS-PcbP4vypV6d-JkJErFahgukC2pDAQJcpHTjwngHmA7f5zLpps1FGf93t4jty0jdeDpym EdFbnBKlPLx9ejVx46H4RK4PetcGnBJ_CBNqrwyRpXhINKY0gCSD4 6_7wUiZXS8ak7aXGA_dUz9JwBAs82zUmbtues

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The Caketrope of Burton’s Team par Alexandre DUBOSC via Vimeo

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Beyond Entropy: Angola’s answer to greening the urban landscape – via archinet

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